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Podcasts to Motivate Your Recovery

Through the rapid evolution of technology and media, countless resources for recovering addicts have come forth in recent years.

Podcasts, most available for free with an Internet connection, are an easy way to listen to recovery-related topics, whether on the go or in your living room. With dozens of recovering addicts creating their own shows and sharing their stories with the world, there is a podcast out there for everyone.

With episodes ranging from thirty minutes to an hour, podcasts are a perfect option to play in the background of a commute, or on a pair of headphones before bed. Make tuning in a part of your ritual, setting aside this time to pause, reflect, and learn from the stories of others.

Below, you’ll find a starter pack of sobriety-related podcasts to get you started.

1) That Sober Guy

In recovery since 2013, That Sober Guy (aka Shane) began his podcast to motivate others in their respective experiences with recovery. As a dad, husband, and recovering alcoholic, Shane aims to shed light on familial connections affected by addiction, recent headlines involving drugs and alcohol, and the many emotions associated with sobriety. Featured guests include former NFL linebacker Matt Mayberry, Papa Roach member Jacoby Shaddix, and New York Times bestselling author Anna David.


 2) Since Right Now

Since Right Now is collaborative effort of three men in recovery–Jeff, Matt, and Chris. With such topics as sober parenting and marriage, relapse, holiday celebrations, and depression, anything and everything is up for discussion. The trio often brings on experts and other recovering addicts, creating a community of support for all those seeking empathy and understanding in their sobriety.



3) The Bubble Hour

Four sober women are at the helm of this podcast, created in effort to shed the stigma surrounding alcoholism. Offering a female perspective on recovery and addiction, the Bubble Hour examines topics such as perfectionism, dating in sobriety, and spirituality, among countless others. With dozens of men and women sharing their stories on the podcast, this hour-long program is both insightful and raw.



4) The SHAIR Podcast

SHAIR stands for Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery. Host Omar aims to spotlight those in recovery, encouraging them to share their stories with others, bringing awareness to addiction as a whole. Using an interview format, the podcast features one guest per episode, giving them a platform to discuss their experiences with addiction and their newfound experiences in sobriety. Omar himself has been in recovery since 2003.



5) Dear Sugar Radio 

While this podcast is not exclusively focused on recovery, it contains many life lessons that can be applied to hardships of all kinds. One episode, though, specifically highlights addiction, and features the author Sarah Hepola, author of the bestselling memoir Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget. The episode, called “Live in Portland Part 2,” addresses letters written by individuals in the early stages of recovery, with Hepola responding with reflections on her experience and advice.




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