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Partial Hospitalization Program

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For patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, admitting to a substance abuse problem is often one of the hardest parts of the treatment process. But once individuals seeking recovery begin their search for an appropriate addiction treatment program, they will face a whole new set of challenges as they struggle to assess a potentially overwhelming array of treatment programs. Learn about the option of  a partial hospitalization program in Boca Raton.

This page will serve as a basic guide to the different types of addiction treatment programs you might encounter during your search for a treatment facility appropriate to your needs, with a focus on the intensive outpatient programs known as partial hospitalization programs.

It will also introduce you to Reco Intensive, a recovery center located in the South Florida area, a few minutes from Boca Raton, FL in nearby Delray Beach. Our mental health treatment team offers quality care for those seeking treatment for substance use disorders and any co-occurring disorders or mental health issues.

Aside from the fact that it hosts our outstanding wellness resource center, the Boca Raton, FL area is also an ideal choice for those seeking a successful recovery because the city itself can enhance the treatment experience. The year-round sunny weather in Boca Raton, FL allows for a variety of enriching outdoor activities that can enhance mental health, and the South Florida area also boasts an unusually large recovery community that can help patients find a support system.

Why Partial Hospitalization Programs Instead Of An Inpatient Treatment Program?

Most drug rehab treatment options fall into one of two basic categories: intensive outpatient treatment programs and inpatient treatment programs. While inpatient treatment offers full-time therapeutic programming, requiring patients to live in their treatment centers, an intensive outpatient program allows patients to live outside of the treatment center while receiving intensive therapy.

One subset of intensive outpatient programs is a partial hospitalization program. In partial hospitalization treatment, patients do not have to live at their treatment center, but are given a treatment plan requiring them to receive intensive treatment for up to eight hours a day on up to five days a week.

Also sometimes referred to as a day treatment program, a partial hospitalization program aims to provide similarly immersive therapy options to those provided by inpatient treatment centers while still allowing patients all the freedom an outpatient program affords.

However, a partial hospitalization program may not be appropriate to patients in the very early stages of a Boca recovery, or who are suffering from severe co-occurring mental health conditions that could put them at risk for self-harm or further substance abuse if they lived outside of a treatment center.

A partial hospitalization program also may not be appropriate for someone whose substance use disorder involved a chemical dependency, since occasionally the detox process can cause related medical emergencies.

But a partial hospitalization program might be a good fit for those who are at lower risk of relapsing into active addiction. Because partial hospitalization treatment offers a highly structured program but does not separate patients from their usual circumstances of daily living, it may be ideal for individuals who are in need of addiction treatment but who cannot commit to a full-time stay at a wellness resource center, such as adult men and women who have to maintain their employment or family responsibilities.

A partial hospitalization program will also likely cost significantly less than a similar inpatient recovery center, so it may be more financially feasible for patients who face financial limitations while seeking outpatient care.

Finally, a partial hospitalization program may be a good fit for patients who have already spent time in an inpatient recovery center but are still in need of the support partial hospitalization can provide. A partial hospitalization program may also offer a community housing component, such as associated sober living residences, which can offer patients additional support and accountability during their time in partial hospitalization treatment.

Scheduled treatment sessions will likely include a variety of therapeutic modalities, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. Partial hospitalization programs also help patients address any co-occurring mental health disorders that may have played a part in fueling an individual’s substance abuse, which is essential to relapse prevention.

Known as dual diagnosis treatment, this may involve medication management as well as talk therapy depending on the nature of each patient’s mental health problems. And partial hospitalization treatment may also include holistic programming, with various treatment centers offering everything from art and adventure therapy to yoga and chiropractic services.

Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction At Reco Intensive

Our Boca recovery center, Reco Intensive, offers the very best in mental health and addiction treatment. Our comprehensive approach imparts patients with the coping skills they need to achieve long-term recovery, including evidence-based methods like cognitive behavioral therapy as well as a variety of holistic treatment options.

We are able to accept most forms of health insurance, backed by an array of glowing testimonials, and accredited by a variety of organizations with expertise in addiction treatment. To learn more about how you or one of your family members can begin their journey to wellness at our recovery center today, call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or contact us online here. There’s no time like the present to get back on the road to a brighter future.

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