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Mighty Ducks Actor Shaun Weiss Arrested for Drug Possession 

A familiar face to any child of the ‘80s or ‘90s, actor Shaun Weiss is best known as Goldberg from the Disney film franchise The Mighty Ducks. After getting his start on TV shows like Charles in Charge, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and The Cosby Show, Weiss made his debut in the first Mighty Ducks movie in 1992, cementing his status as a child star.

Playing the role of the hockey team’s goalie, Weiss’ character was a loveable member of the Mighty Ducks squad. Goldberg’s sense of humor stood out in the films—a trait that many cited as being true to Weiss himself.

The Ducks franchise spawned three films over the course of four years, making the young actors a fixture in teen magazines and the preteen pop culture scene. After Mighty Ducks, Weiss went on to star in the Ben Stiller movie Heavyweights, alongside several of his Ducks co-stars.

Over time, Weiss shed his famously chubby cheeks, growing into a young adult and performing in smaller, background roles on TV shows and in movies. In 2017, however, he appeared back into the spotlight, under unfortunate circumstances.

Weiss was charged with misdemeanor meth possession, for which he served 90 days in jail. The following year, Weiss was arrested again, when he was found by police and described as being high on drugs and acting “bizarrely” with a flashlight.

In 2018, Weiss sought treatment at a facility, and took to Facebook to reflect on his situation. In a lengthy post, he wrote, “I hear stories about how much Heavyweights or the Ducks movies impacted their lives or helped them through hard times or just made them laugh over and over. Such a testament to all the blood, sweat and tears everybody put into those flicks during that magical time over 20 years ago. Please believe how medicinal these personal exchanges are for me. Even if you think I’m the knuckle-puck guy or the fat kid from “Hook”. In the midst of my most challenging times, your support is giving me the strength I need to embark down the long road to recovery.”

At the time, Weiss also thanked one of his Ducks co-stars, Aaron Lohr (who played Dean Portman), for driving him to rehab. In his message, Weiss sounded hopeful, though his journey was far from over.

Just this month, the troubled actor has once again made headlines for his abuse of methamphetamine. Now 41 years old, Weiss was arrested for residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance, assumed to be methamphetamine.

In a mugshot released upon the news of his arrest, Weiss looks nearly unrecognizable, displaying many characteristics associated with severe meth abuse. Weiss’ bail was set at over 50 thousand dollars.

Drew Gallagher, a fellow actor and friend of Weiss, created a GoFundMe page for Weiss’ bail and subsequent addiction treatment, which has amassed over seven thousand dollars so far. As of February 6, Weiss remains in jail.

On the GoFundMe page, Gallagher offers a glimpse into Weiss’ addiction, and the roads that led him there. In part, he wrote, “His loss of his parents sent him into a depression and so he turned to drugs.”

Gallagher goes on to explain that Weiss is mentally ill, and that finding him treatment has been difficult, as he states, “The system is as broken as Shaun[‘]s mental state.”

Gallagher shares several other pictures of Weiss on the fundraising page, showcasing Weiss’ severe weight loss and haggard appearance. Methamphetamine can suppress appetite, leading to weight loss, and can also result in facial fat and muscle loss and severe tooth decay.

The before and after of Weiss’ appearance is shocking, and serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of methamphetamine. The stimulant drug, when used long-term, can cause hallucinations, paranoia, memory loss, and anxiety, creating long-lasting damage to the brain that can be irreversible.

While recovering from methamphetamine addiction is not easy, help is available. Through treatment that addresses the roots of addiction, including cognitive behavioral therapy and other behavioral therapies, recovery is possible, though it must be coupled with proper medical treatment for the many physical effects of long-term meth abuse.

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