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Merry Christmas Clint

Laughter. That’s what comes to mind when thinking of Clint. And that was what the Christmas card his mother sent to RECO captured–Clint’s gregarious and consistent sense of humor–most often times at the expense of himself and followed by his laugh which felt like a big contagious hug. It has been a few years now without Clint with us, but for us here at RECO we are reminded daily of the impact he had on us and continues to have on every client that stays in the aptly named Parker residence. Yearly, Clint’s family makes a special donation in honor of Clint so RECO can help someone without the resources to help themselves. We couldn’t be more grateful for their generous gift this year and for their continuous support of RECO. We know Clint isn’t here physically, but he is with us in all we do. We miss you, Clint. All our love to you and your family this holiday season.

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