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How to Find Sober Living in Delray Beach, FL

How Sober Living Can Complement Your Addiction Treatment

If you are currently in an addiction treatment program, are considering beginning your recovery journey, or have recently completed a course of inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment, sober living in Delray Beach, FL may be the perfect fit to facilitate your transition into long term recovery.

Sober living housing is generally defined as housing designed to help a person who is in early recovery to reintegrate into society and rebuild their life, thus providing them with the community, accountability, and support that living in a drug free environment with other recovering addicts can provide.

These residences are generally staffed by professionals, such as a house manager who will ensure compliance with all house guidelines. Residents will be expected to adhere to these guidelines, which tend to vary from residence to residence but will always prohibit that any illicit substance be brought into or used in the home.

Requirements may also include daily verified attendance at twelve step support groups, regular drug testing, nightly curfews, and prohibitions on sexual activities or after hours visits with those of the opposite sex. Residents are also often expected to begin laying a foundation for their eventual independence by seeking and maintaining a job outside of the home, thus rebuilding their work ethic and capacity for commitment and enhancing their sense of meaning and value, which will in turn provide an incentive to avoid relapse.

Some of these sober living homes are also associated with a particular treatment program, in which case staff will also often work closely with clients to ensure that they are in attendance at all of their required treatment program activities.

To enroll in sober living housing, you will usually be required to either currently be or have recently completed drug rehab. But while it is not feasible for most men and women to stay in inpatient rehab for longer than 30 to 90 days, they may choose to stay in their sober living homes for as long as one year or more or even indefinitely, with rent at these sober homes generally being known to cost far less money than might inpatient hospitalization.

Thus, part of the benefit of a sober living residence is that it offers the best of what inpatient treatment has to offer in terms of community and supportive atmosphere while still allowing clients the freedom to interact with the real world and rebuild their lives as they work to maintain their recovery.

Why Delray Beach Is The Perfect Locale For Your Life In Recovery

As far as why a sober living in Delray Beach may have an edge over a similar program located elsewhere, it all comes down to environment. Since the South Florida area is known for being one of the nation’s richest in terms of its sobriety community, Palm Beach County residents will have access to more resources and support services than they might in another city.

Delray Beach in particular is also known as the “recovery capital” of the nation, with so many addicts in recovery having put down roots there that the number of nightly support group meetings there can stretch into the thousands!

There’s also the fact that Delray Beach is a popular resort town with a bustling tourism industry, which thus makes low stress “recovery jobs” in the tourism related industries, such as restaurant work, relatively easy for clients to find.

Plus, Delray Beach, Florida is simply a beautiful city, complete with a vibrant visual and performing arts scene, fun attractions to explore, and, of course, the sandy beaches that are its namesake. For most of the year, Delray Beach also boasts a sunny, temperate climate that provides an inspiring, healing backdrop as clients pursue recovery and move past their struggles and into a new life of freedom from addiction.

Sober Living VS Halfway Houses

Both sober living residences and halfway houses are plentiful in Delray Beach, FL. However, though sober living homes and halfway houses can serve similar purposes for a recovering addict in the early stages of their sobriety, there are some important distinctions that define each type of residence.

Unlike sober living homes, stays in halfway houses are often court mandated for criminals convicted of drug related offenses, and are also sometimes used as transitional housing for formerly homeless residents.

Halfway houses are also distinguished from sober living homes by their more dormitory-like and institutional feel, and are often state sponsored or run by government agencies. Because of this, they also are more likely to place a limit on how long residents can remain in their housing.

While halfway houses are likely to provide a similar sense of structure to sober living homes by mandating a substance free environment and adherence to house rules, the supportive environment and more home-like feel of a sober living home gives it the edge for many men and women in recovery.

Seeking Sober Living In Delray Beach, FL With Reco Intensive

Reco Intensive is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program located in Delray Beach, FL. Along with our comprehensive treatment programs, we also offer sober living options through our associated sober housing at the Reco Institute.

Like the rest of our organization, our sober living homes maintain the highest standards when it comes to providing support for our clients and helping them to reclaim their lives from drug addiction. While our intensive outpatient treatment program provides patients with the insight and tools they need to solidify their sobriety, these housing options can enhance their recovery by providing them with further opportunities to connect and commune with others who share their struggles and immersing them in a welcoming sober life.

To learn more about Reco Intensive and how our addiction treatment options in Delray Beach can pave the way for long term recovery and a brighter future for you or for a loved one, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact us online anytime here.

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