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How To Find A Drug Rehab In Delray Beach, FL?

Over time, Delray Beach, Florida, has become known as one of the USA’s primary destinations for people seeking addiction treatment. The scenic Palm Beach County town of Delray Beach, FL is located just north of West Palm Beach, and is known nation-wide for its status as the country’s “recovery capital.” The extensive sober community there, with thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve step meetings taking place there daily, have made it even more appealing to those in search of addiction treatment.

Before we discuss the specific levels of care you may find offered in a Delray Beach, FL drug rehab, it might be helpful for you to be aware that there is a such thing as “to good to be true,” and that there are bad actors in the drug rehab industry as in any other. For instance, some high profile scandals have emerged surrounding Delray Beach, FL rehab centers that offered subpar drug rehab services and even outright encouraged patients to resume their drug abuse so that they could cash in on hefty insurance payments.

However, greater regulations in the industry have made such schemes significantly rarer, and, with a little research, finding a Delray Beach, FL drug or alcohol treatment center that is right for you should still be relatively simple. For instance, if you are considering drug rehab at Reco Intensive, our reputable Delray Beach treatment center, you can find proof that we’re legit by assessing our accreditations and first hand patient testimonials.

To further reduce the possibility of getting entangled with a corrupt treatment center, you can also peruse the specific services offered by any drug rehab center to see if it is in alignment with your loved one’s needs.

Besides basic distinctions discussed below like those between inpatient and outpatient drug or alcohol treatment, you can also keep an eye out for a treatment center equipped to handle specific comorbid mental illnesses that may have played a part in your loved one’s alcohol or drug abuse, or for those that offer other services you may be interested in, like medication assisted treatment.

If you desire, you can also keep an eye out for programs that incorporate holistic wellness activities into their treatment plans as well as evidence backed psychological therapies. The warm weather in Delray Beach, Florida makes it an attractive locale for outdoor activities offered by many rehab centers, such as the yoga and equine facilitated psychotherapy offered at Reco Intensive.

Types Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach Florida

Medically Supervised Detox Program

In some cases, especially in the case of severe alcohol abuse, medical detox may be required to help a patient deal with acute withdrawal symptoms before they can progress to a more comprehensive addiction treatment program.

In medical detox, addiction specialists can medically monitor patients and intervene in the case of a medical emergency. This kind of treatment program is also often recommended in the case of opioid addiction, as medical professionals may be able to make the notably severe withdrawal symptoms associated with detox from opioid drugs less unbearable with the use of specific prescription drugs that can lessen physical cravings.

Residential Treatment

After a patient has completed drug detox at specialized drug or alcohol rehab facilities, they will often move on to inpatient rehabilitation. In these kinds of Delray Beach drug and alcohol rehab programs, the drug addict will live full time in their inpatient rehab facilities, eliminating the temptation for them to resume their substance abuse during the hours in which they are outside their treatment facility.

As opposed to a few days, these treatment programs will usually last between thirty and ninety days, depending on the severity of the patient’s dependence and their individual health history. And, opposed to the physical symptoms that are the focus in medical detox, these treatment centers will allot far more time to combatting the mental health disorders that are often associated with substance abuse.

Common co occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and others can be addressed with scientifically backed psychological interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy. In some cases, medical professionals will also suggest medication therapy to help address these co occurring disorders, or to help reduce physical substance cravings so that the patients have more mental space to address the emotional aspects of their addiction.

For instance, our rehab center offers injection of the opioid antagonist Vivitrol, which works to reduce cravings for certain kinds of drug and alcohol by making those substances less rewarding if they are abused. Psychiatrists are also on staff to advise on other types of psychoactive pharmaceutical treatment.

In addition to behavioral therapy, drug and alcohol treatment often involves group therapy, in which recovering addicts in Delray Beach can discuss their struggles with one another and bond over similar experiences of trauma, laying the foundation for increased self acceptance as they realize that they are not alone in their painful struggles.

Group therapy can also help patients to form a lasting Delray Beach support system as they create friendships with one another that will continue past their stay at the the treatment center and develop a shared resolve to help each other get and stay sober. These and other forms of therapies will also educate patients on practical ways to avoid resuming their substance abuse, such as alternative coping mechanisms they can use to deal with painful feelings and how they can identify and avoid their triggers.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

After (or instead of, if a patient’s drug or alcohol addiction is less severe) a patient has completed inpatient treatment, they may elect to move on to an intensive outpatient program. These types of treatment programs include partial hospitalization programs, which typically run for several hours per day three to five days per week.

While an outpatient clinic can offer patients many of the same benefits and types of treatment as those that are typically offered in an inpatient treatment facility, they come with the additional benefit of allowing patients to attend to their real world obligations during their time in addiction treatment, or to reorient to the outside world without resuming their substance abuse.

Intensive outpatient programs also tend to be more affordable than other Delray Beach treatment programs, and it’s worth nothing that Delray Beach, FL also offers plenty of sober living options for patients seeking a “middle ground” of accountability between full independence and a fully structured inpatient program.

Aftercare Programs

Though it is an vital step on the road to recovery, drug and alcohol treatment doesn’t end immediately after a patient completes their intensive drug or alcohol rehab services. Drug addiction is a chronic, life-long disease, and so addiction treatment services need to include measures that will help the patient remain in recovery long term as they face the challenges inherent to everyday life.

These aftercare programs can include measures catering to the alumni of a given drug rehab program, in which addiction treatment programs offer services to those who have already completed their drug and alcohol rehab program. For instance, drug rehab centers may offer their alumni help with job placement, or organize regular meetings and outings to facilitate continual connection between its former patients and keep them actively engaged in recovery.

Best Treatment Centers In Delray Beach, Florida

If you are seeking addiction treatment in Delray Beach, Florida, then look no further than Reco Intensive. Located only a stone’s throw from downtown’s central Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach FL is the perfect setting for our Palm Beach County treatment facility, which offers top-notch outpatient treatment for patients struggling with many forms of substance abuse, as well as for patients in need of a rehab program for purely psychological addictions.

Whatever your or your loved one’s history, a bright future free from drug abuse is possible. To learn more about our Delray Beach rehab center, feel free to call us any time at  844.955.3042, or to contact us online anytime here.

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