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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Why A Holistic Approach Is Such A Powerful Way To Approach Substance Abuse Treatment

As understanding of substance use disorders has increased, holistic addiction treatment has become increasingly popular in addiction treatment programs and rehab centers. Holistic therapies are defined as those that are aimed at helping to heal the whole person and that restore balance to the person’s mind, body, and spirit rather than being strictly medical in nature.

However, while holistic treatment approaches generally involve more conventional addiction treatment techniques like individual and group therapy and any necessary medication to manage mental illness or withdrawal symptoms, many holistic treatments have been shown to increase satisfaction while in rehab programs, which can be important in increasing motivation to stay sober.

One recent study found that holistic treatment programs were more effective treatment than traditional programs for most forms of drug addiction, and individual alternative therapies that have been studied have shown promising results as well. For instance, massage therapy has been shown to help patients in the midst of medical detox from alcohol to deal with their unpleasant physical symptoms, making withdrawal more bearable.

Holistic practices can help patients promote relaxation, manage stress response, and develop an overall healthy lifestyle that can promote lasting recovery and a healthy management of emotions without the crutch of substance use.

For instance, many holistic approaches involve practices like yoga and tai chi, which help patients to develop a mind body spirit connection and a sense of mindfulness by combining physical exercise with concentration and reflection.

Mindfulness encourages a focus on the present moment and on greeting negative feelings with calm and acceptance rather than panic or escapism, which has obvious relevance for patients in early recovery from substance abuse.

Nutritional therapy is also sometimes used to improve physical health, and eating a healthy, balanced diet has also been shown to be helpful when it comes to many different mental health issues, including in the context of addiction treatment.

Other holistic practices, like art therapy, give patients a chance to express themselves creatively, which in turn can help them to process painful feelings and develop a healthier self conception.

Group therapy is also sometimes considered a form of holistic addiction treatment, and provides people in addiction recovery the chance to connect with one another as they process their experiences with substance abuse.

For instance, while twelve step programs are not considered strictly “medical” in nature, they influence programming at many American addiction centers, and are another approach to healing the whole person from substance abuse.

By encouraging those who use them to process painful events in their past, confront the effects of their substance use, bond with others who have struggled similarly, and, eventually, to pass on their knowledge and experiences to the next generation of recovering addicts, twelve step programs can serve as powerful holistic therapies.

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can also be continued after an individual’s time in a holistic addiction treatment program, and many find the connection and emotional support such fellowships offer helpful to establishing a long term recovery.

Holistic Treatment For Substance Abuse At Reco Intensive

Holistic treatment options are a huge part of our treatment program at Reco Intensive. Some holistic therapies we offer include weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions, creative and expressive arts therapies, equine facilitated psychotherapy, education on nutrition and other lifestyle factors, and various group therapy programs focusing on different aspects of substance abuse.

Another of our rehab programs that is central to our holistic approach is our adventure therapy treatment options. These holistic programs involve experiential excursions designed to give our clients the confidence to overcome drug abuse and mental health issues by pushing them out of their comfort zones and towards more enlightened self understanding.

For example, clients undergoing our addiction treatment may accompany our treatment providers on outings to a local animal shelter, where the treatment provider will help them to make connections between the traumatic experiences that fueled their substance abuse and those that the abandoned animals experienced, which has led many of our clients to emotional breakthroughs.

Other holistic addiction treatment works to teach our clients how to connect with one another and collaborate, such as in the case of escape rooms and competitive recreation. Quests like rope courses or community labyrinths can help foster a sense of accomplishment, and trips to spiritually infused natural settings like the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens can provide a calming backdrop for healing self-reflection.

Our holistic treatment center also works to heal the whole person by developing an individualized treatment plan for each client that takes into account their unique history and mental health status.

Additionally, our holistic addiction treatment program helps our clients to avoid relapse and maintain mental health gains with our aftercare program. After they receive treatment, our alumni are invited to attend a weekly meeting at our addiction treatment center where they can connect with other alumni and current and prospective clients, showing those who are in earlier stages of their recovery what is possible down the line and keeping alumni engaged in the sober community.

We are a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and accredited by many other reputable healthcare organizations, and are widely recognized as one of the top among American addiction centers. Location in Delray Beach, Florida also informs our holistic approach, as the ocean has been found to have a calming effect on many of our clients.

To learn more about our treatment plans and to find out if we can work with your insurance provider, feel free to contact us online anytime or call us anytime at 844-955-3042.





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