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Heather Locklear Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

Perhaps best known for her role on Melrose Place, Heather Locklear came onto the scene in 1980 as a fresh-faced young actress. Starring on many shows created by the legendary Aaron Spelling, Locklear was very much the “It” girl of the 1990s, often named to PEOPLE’s “Most Beautiful” List and featured on the cover of national magazines.

In 2008, Locklear began to make headlines for her struggles with mental health, when a 911 call was released that indicated Locklear was suicidal. The call was later referred to as a “false alarm,” though Locklear’s time in the spotlight was far from over.

Later that same year, Locklear sought residential treatment for psychological issues. At the time, her representatives stated that she was struggling with anxiety and depression, though it appeared that Locklear was also dealing with substance abuse. Before 2008 was over, Locklear was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs; she plead no contest to the charges.

Over the next several years, Locklear continued to struggle with both her mental health and issues of substance abuse.

In 2010, she reached another low point when she was charged in a hit and run crash. She again sought treatment, though in a recent interview with sources close to her, Locklear’s cycles of relapse and treatment have had an ongoing effect on her family, which includes her now young-adult daughter, Ava.

When interviewed by PEOPLE, the source stated, “Her issue is alcohol, pills, and her mental health. She doesn’t want anybody to hold her accountable.”

The source also revealed that by 2019, Locklear had likely attended rehab programs upward of 20 different times.

As Locklear struggled to maintain long-term sobriety, she often took to social media to share her thoughts and feelings on her battle, writing at one time, “Addiction is ferocious. And will try to take you down.”

Although she has not publicly stated the type of substance abuse she struggles with, reports over the years have stated she tends to mix alcohol with prescription drugs. Locklear’s sister once called emergency services to report a suspected overdose in 2012; in 2018, Locklear was rushed to the hospital under similar circumstances.

Just over one year ago, though, Locklear took a positive step toward recovery when she returned to inpatient treatment. Now 58 years old, Locklear is celebrating one year in sobriety.

Finding Strength in One Year of Sobriety

For any recovering addict who has faced multiple relapses, reaching the milestone of one year in sobriety is an enormous achievement.

For Locklear, who has experienced countless ups and downs throughout her treatment for addiction, this achievement is especially cherished.

In an Instagram post, Locklear commemorated the occasion by sharing a quote from Maya Angelou, which states in part, “I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

Her caption states, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that, “Hugs will come later.”

In her other recent posts, Locklear highlights special moments shared with her daughter, including a birthday that featured a photo of her lookalike 22-year-old. The pair appear to share a close relationship that has come a long way amidst the challenges of Locklear’s sobriety.

Fans often comment on Locklear’s sobriety-related posts, sharing their own inspirational stories of recovery, and reminding her that she has what it takes to keep up the fight. As the public watches Locklear, now celebrating a year without substances, it is an incredible reminder that regardless of how many setbacks you encounter along the way, hope for a brighter future always remains.

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