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Family Programs For Addiction in Delray Beach, Florida

Drug Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, Florida With Reco Intensive

Drug and alcohol addiction, which is also known more formally as substance use disorder, is a mental health disorder primarily characterized by compulsive substance abuse that the sufferer continues despite the intensely negative impact it is having on both the person who is abusing substances and everyone around them.

It is also an incredibly dangerous disease that has a devastating impact on the South Florida area as well as on the country as a whole. In 2020, 652 people in Palm Beach County died due to drug overdose, as did over a hundred thousand people nationwide.

However, most people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction are eventually able to recover with the help of an appropriate drug rehab program. Our Delray Beach rehab center, Reco Intensive, has helped many of these patients through the early stages of the recovery process and on to a healthy and sober life.

Generally, addiction treatment will begin with a drug or alcohol detox program. The purpose of this period of medical detox is to see the patient through their acute drug withdrawal symptoms before they can move on to the more mental health-focused portion of addiction treatment in a more comprehensive treatment center.

In detox treatment centers, medical professionals can help patients in drug rehab to feel as comfortable as possible by prescribing any appropriate medications, and can step in and offer treatment in case of an emergency. The medical supervision offered by a drug detox treatment center is also especially critical in the case of alcohol detox, since alcohol withdrawal symptoms tend to be some of the most severe.

After weathering their withdrawal symptoms at a drug detox treatment center, most patients will move on to a more comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. This may take the form of residential treatment, or it may take the form of an intensive outpatient program.

In a residential rehab center or inpatient rehab program, patients live full time at their treatment facility. In contrast, in intensive outpatient treatment programs, patients report to their treatment facility several times a week for intensive drug and alcohol treatment but live in their own residences outside the treatment center.

Inpatient treatment centers are generally the best choice for patients who need 24/7 supervision to ensure relapse prevention or who have severe physical or mental health problems that would make it dangerous for them to live outside of the therapeutic environment and unsupervised by medical professionals.

However, for most other patients in need of addiction treatment, an intensive outpatient program can offer many of the same benefits that an inpatient treatment program can for a lower cost and a lesser time commitment.

This flexibility makes a Delray Beach rehab center offering outpatient treatment services like Reco Intensive a great choice for patients local to Delray Beach, Florida and the surrounding Palm Beach County areas.

Or, for patients who live elsewhere, traveling to Delray Beach to attend intensive outpatient treatment at Reco Intensive can give them the chance to start fresh in sunny South Florida, away from reminders of their drug addiction.

Our intensive outpatient services are highly customizable based on the needs of our clients. Those in the early stages of the recovery process may begin their intensive outpatient treatment program at the partial hospitalization level, which may require them to report to their addiction treatment center for their drug rehab programs on up to five days a week and up to eight hours a day. Gradually, these patients can be stepped down from partial hospitalization to less intensive outpatient treatment, maintaining the support of our treatment center as they adjust to independent living.

One of the primary goals of our Delray Beach drug and alcohol treatment center is to identify any mental health conditions that may have contributed to a patient’s drug or alcohol use disorder, and then to provide them with specialized therapies suited to their specific illness. Common co occurring disorders in patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction include depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia.

Along with specialized behavioral therapy and mental health counseling, appropriate therapies may also include psychiatric treatment with the appropriate prescription drug, which will be overseen by qualified medical professionals at our Delray Beach treatment facility.

Medication assisted treatment may also be be recommended for some patients in our intensive outpatient treatment. Some patients struggling with alcohol addiction find that the prescription drug Vivitrol eases their cravings for the commonly abused drug, leaving them freer to focus on the psychological aspects of their addiction recovery.

This is also true of patients with opioid addiction, who will also find that Vivitrol prevents them from getting high even if they attempt to, removing the temptation to resume their drug abuse. When Vivitrol is prescribed as part of alcohol rehab programs, it also seems to remove some of the pleasurable effects of alcohol abuse, though those who attempt to abuse alcohol while on Vivitrol may still experience some psychological effects.

Our Delray Beach, Florida drug and alcohol treatment program also incorporates group therapy into our substance abuse treatment. Group counseling gives our Delray Beach patients a chance to connect to others in our addiction treatment programs, giving them a safe space to discuss their experiences with drug abuse and build a shared motivation for recovery.

But what sets Reco Intensive apart from other outpatient treatment programs in the Delray Beach area and as one of the best treatment centers nationwide is the wide variety of innovative and holistic treatment options that we offer along with conventional pharmaceutical and behavioral therapy.

For instance, our drug rehab offers weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions, creative and expressive arts therapy, equine facilitated psychotherapy, and nutritional education programming. We also offer our patients in addiction treatment adventure therapy, which may involve a variety of outdoor activities and therapeutic excursions.

The sunny climate of Delray Beach makes it the perfect setting for these activities and excursions, which may include a visit to a West Palm Beach animal shelter, a visit to a Delray Beach botanical garden, competitive recreation activities, escape rooms, nature walks, and more.

It’s also worth noting that Delray Beach and the surrounding South Florida areas have become particularly popular destinations for those seeking addiction treatment. The favorable climate and laid back atmosphere of Delray Beach created an initial draw, which in turn inspired the creation of more and more Delray Beach treatment centers, to the extent that Delray Beach is sometimes referred to as the drug rehab capital of the USA.

Since many people who come to Delray Beach for addiction treatment end up staying in the Delray Beach area after graduating from their treatment centers, Delray Beach also thus boasts an unusually large and supportive community of those in recovery from drug abuse.

Connect To The Reco Intensive Outpatient Program For Drug Rehab

For those in search of a Florida addiction treatment center, there are few better treatment options than Reco Intensive. Known as one of the best treatment centers in Delray Beach and beyond, our Delray Beach drug and alcohol rehab offers comprehensive addiction treatment to those struggling with various types of substance abuse as well as with psychological addictions.

To learn more about our Delray Beach substance abuse treatment center and about outpatient treatment at Reco Intensive, feel free to call our treatment center anytime at 844.955.3042. You can also contact our drug abuse treatment center online using this form. There’s no time like the present to break free of substance abuse and get back on the road to a brighter future.

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