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Understanding Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

For someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, seeking addiction treatment as early as possible in the disease process is imperative. Many substance abuse treatment models conceptualize the illness as a progressive one, and the longer substance abuse continues, the greater the risk of catastrophic health and personal consequences.

Luckily, most major health insurances now recognize substance abuse treatment as essential, so drug rehab or alcohol rehab should be relatively affordable to most people with the help of payment assistance of their public or private health insurance.

Some charity and government organizations offer other forms of payment assistance, and your drug or alcohol treatment center may also be willing to work with you to provide you or a loved one with necessary medical care for your addiction at a price affordable to your family.

Depending on the extent of an individual’s substance abuse and the substance abused, addiction treatment may begin with treating the physical aspect of the disorder with medical detox.

A supervised drug detox will ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed as efficiently as possible. Medical supervision is especially critical given that withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox and benzodiazepine detox can sometimes cause a medical emergency, while other forms of drug withdrawal can simply be so intensely unpleasant that it drives them back to their addiction.

After drug or alcohol detox, drug addiction treatment will usually continue in either inpatient rehab or in outpatient treatment programs. In an inpatient rehab center, also known as a residential treatment program, patients are required to be under medical supervision full time at their addiction treatment centers. However, outpatient treatment programs allow patients to live at home while seeking addiction treatment.

In the most intensive outpatient treatment options, a partial hospitalization program, addiction treatment is provided via as many as eight hours a day spent at treatment centers on as many as five days a week.

These treatment programs can offer similar treatment services to those offered at residential drug rehab or alcohol rehab, but are typically far less expensive than inpatient rehab centers. They also pose far less of an impediment to patients seeking to continue working, continue carrying out other responsibilities, or live an overall more normal life while in an addiction recovery program.

At the center of the treatment program in most rehab centers is behavioral therapy. These treatment options can help treat the symptoms of co occurring disorders as well as substance abuse issues by paving the way for overall emotional health.

Dual diagnosis, which occurs when a patient presents with both substance abuse and another mental health problem, is relatively common among people who struggle with substance use. Combatting these underlying issues with appropriate psychological or medical care is critical to achieving long term recovery from addiction.

Evidence based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are the most common forms of treatment offered for drug and alcohol addiction, though newer forms are also often emerging into the ever changing substance addiction treatment landscape.

Treatment options like these work by teaching patients coping mechanisms that they can use to deal with negative feelings instead of resorting to substance abuse, which in turn will lead them to greater emotional regulation and greater distress tolerance.

Therapies like these can also increase well being by improving patients’ communication skills, which in turn will improve their relationships and help them to reframe and replace automatic negative thoughts and feelings that may have fueled their drug addiction.

Other common recovery services include group therapy, which gives patients the chance to heal by helping them to connect with others who share their experiences of drug addiction, which in turn helps inspire recovery by combating the loneliness and self hatred often associated with this deadly disease.

Why West Palm Beach Florida Is An Ideal Location For Drug Addiction Treatment

Along with being a popular tourist destination, West Palm Beach, Florida is considered by some to be an ideal place to attend drug rehab or alcohol rehab. Many people from out of state find relocating to seaside Palm Beach county and escaping the environment in which they struggled to control their drug abuse to a new one in which they can put their sole focus on seeking treatment for their addiction to be a powerfully healing force.

Over time, this has resulted in the West Palm Beach Florida area developing a strong network of local communities focused on addiction recovery. For instance, West Palm Beach residents host plentiful meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar twelve step fellowships dedicated to abstinence from other drugs.

The sunny climate of West Palm Beach, FL also allows many an area rehab center to offer unique outdoor activities as part of a recovery program designed to facilitate well being. For instance, West Palm Beach, Florida allows for healing outings to beaches and other scenic locations.

Best Addiction Treatment Centers In West Palm Beach, FL

Our West Palm Beach rehab center, Reco Intensive, is regarded as one of the best treatment centers in the West Palm Beach area as well as nationwide. Our clinical staff made up of master’s level therapists and other medical professionals provide quality therapeutic services to West Palm Beach residents.

West Palm Beach residents can easily commute to our treatment center from home, and others can make the West Palm Beach, FL area their temporary home with the help of our sober living housing.

We offer medical care in the form of a full partial hospitalization program as well as a less intensive outpatient program, and our patients can progress from a higher level of care to a lower one as they gradually gain the ability to live a more independent drug free life.

Programming includes various forms of individual and group therapy, education on relapse prevention, and advanced techniques like neuro-integration as well as holistic activities like yin and vinyasa yoga, creative and expressive arts therapy, and equine facilitated psychotherapy.

The West Palm Beach, FL climate also facilitates much of the adventure therapy programming offered by our rehab center, which can include outdoor competitive recreation programs and community labyrinths, excursions to Morikami Japanese Gardens, and natural healing walks.

To learn more about whether our our West Palm Beach, FL addiction treatment center is right for you or your loved one, feel free to peruse the rest of our site or to call us anytime at 844.955.3042. There’s no reason to wait to get back on the road to a brighter future and sober life today.

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