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What To Expect At Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol addiction are some of the most dangerous mental health issues around. If you or someone you love is currently struggling to control their substance abuse, treatment as early as possible is essential to stopping the disorder in its tracks before it becomes more entrenched in the person’s psyche and consequently harder to beat.

Though paying for drug and alcohol rehab makes the prospect of getting help intimidating for many, insurance coverage will usually cover at least some of the costs associated with addiction treatment centers. Miami rehab centers are plentiful, so finding one that will accept Medicaid or offer payment assistance also shouldn’t be impossible.

Drug and alcohol rehab usually begins with drug detox, which is focused on physically clearing the person’s system of any substances abused and addressing any withdrawal symptoms that may arise. During this period, supervision by medical professionals is necessary to account for the dangerous side effects that may arise, especially during benzodiazepine and alcohol detox, which, in rare cases, can be fatal.

Post detox, drug and alcohol rehab centers can be divided into two major types: those that offer residential inpatient treatment and those that offer outpatient treatment. In inpatient treatment centers, patients will actually live at their treatment facilities full time, while intensive outpatient treatment is attended only on a part time basis.

While residential treatment centers are necessary for patients requiring around the clock care by their medical team, outpatient care can often be just as effective as usually more expensive inpatient rehab centers.

An outpatient setting can allow patients to commit to drug and alcohol rehab while still keeping up with their work and family obligations, making intensive outpatient programs more accessible as well as more affordable.

Outpatient treatment can also be a good option for further treatment for someone who has completed residential treatment but is still in need of additional support before they feel ready to move on to fully independent living.

The two types of treatment facilities offer relatively similar treatment options overall. At the center of these treatment plans tends to be individual therapy, with cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy being two of the most common options.

Most treatment centers are equipped to provide intensive therapy that addresses any co occurring disorders and mental health issues that may be complicating factors in a person’s drug abuse.

This individual therapy aids the recovery process by teaching patients healthier emotional regulation skills, as well as healthier coping mechanisms they can use to cope with negative emotions as opposed to relapsing into substance abuse.

Others with more complex co occurring mental health conditions may benefit from the help of a comprehensive psychiatric center that can provide personal guidance on any medications that may be a useful aid to their addiction treatment. For many patients, these co occurring disorders predated their substance abuse and were one of the factors driving it.

Another form of treatment often provided to those with substance addiction is group therapy. Group counseling gives those in rehab programs a chance to process traumatic events in their past by giving them a chance to share those experiences with one another. Treatment may be geared towards patients who come from similar demographic groups, or who suffer from similar co occurring mental health issues.

Other options, like family therapy, help patients to overcome their pasts by giving patients and family members alike a chance to work through their issues in a safe space with the help of a professional. Substance abuse often has notably detrimental effects on family dynamics, but these measures can help repair broken relationships and to establish new, healthier family roles.

A modern drug and alcohol rehab center treatment plan is also likely to include many holistic therapies as well as more “medical” treatment options. Treatment options like yoga, mindfulness training, nutritional education, or equine facilitated psychotherapy help many patients to find their way back to more balanced mental health.

Why Miami, FL Is Optimal For Addiction Treatment

When beginning your recovery journey, you may be overwhelmed by the process of finding a substance abuse treatment center suitable to your needs. But choosing a Miami facility centrally located in the South Florida area may be one of your best bets when it comes to seeking drug and alcohol rehab centers.

South Miami recovery means getting better in a city that has a strong recovery community and is a bustling cultural metropolis. Not to mention, of course, that the year round warmth of the Miami, FL weather means that drug and alcohol rehab centers are able to offer exciting outdoor activities as part of their treatment program that would be less feasible in colder climates.

Personal And Affordable Treatment At Our Miami, FL Treatment Center

Reco Intensive is a comprehensive psychiatric center and drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse and any underlying mental health conditions.

Known as one of the best treatment centers in the Miami, FL area, we offer first class medical treatment options like Vivitrol injections as well as advanced, evidence-backed, behavioral health care.

We can work with many forms of insurance coverage, and offer a partial hospitalization program along with less intensive outpatient treatment. We believe in making seeking treatment as easy as possible for those suffering from substance abuse and similar co occurring mental health issues, and in guiding our clients back towards a whole, fulfilling life with our holistic outpatient programs.

Our robust aftercare and alumni programs also help ensure relapse prevention among our patients by keeping their connections with the recovery community alive even long after they leave our treatment center.

We are located north of Miami, FL and south of West Palm Beach, in a small town known as Delray Beach, one of the hidden gems of South Florida. If you would like to know more about whether Reco Intensive is the best treatment center for you or your loved one and about how our rehab center can guide your family towards a successful recovery, call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or contact our treatment team online anytime here.

Discover a better life and call our recovery helpline today.