Delray Beach Rehab

If you are looking to kickstart your drug addiction treatment in Delray Beach, Florida, a small Palm Beach County town known for its drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, you’ve come to exactly the right place. This page will serve as an introduction to Delray Beach, FL and to Reco Intensive, one of the premier American addiction centers and drug rehab treatment options.

It will also give you some basic information about what will happen when you pursue treatment for a substance abuse problem for yourself or for a loved one. Read on to learn more about our unique approach to addiction treatment, signs that someone may be suffering from addiction, and why seeking addiction treatment at our Delray Beach treatment center is the best course of action to get you or someone that you love back on the road to a sober life.

Signs that Someone May Need Addiction Treatment

At RECO Intensive, we offer treatment for many different types of addictions, and the signs that someone has been abusing substances may differ significantly between one form of addiction and another. Drugs like stimulants speed up the nervous system and can result in manic behavior, someone who seems as if they are moving too fast. On the other hand, someone who has been abusing depressants might instead appear zoned out or lethargic, while someone who has been taking hallucinogens might appear completely out of touch with reality.

But the signs that the abuse of a substance, or even a non-substance-based habit as in a behavioral addiction, may have taken over someone’s life to the extent that they have developed an addiction, are quite similar across different types of drug use, and are described in the professional literature as follows:

  • Spending excessive amounts of time using the substance, acquiring the substance, or recovering from the effects
    of the substance
  • Neglecting personal or professional obligations to spend more time using the substance
  • Isolating from friends and family to hide the extent of their substance use
  • Using substances even in high-risk situations, such as before driving or when they risk legal retribution
  • Continuing to abuse the substance despite any personal, professional, or legal problems their substance abuse
    is causing
  • Not being able to stop using the substance on their own despite a desire to
  • Experiencing psychological and/or physical withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings to resume use when
    you attempt to stop using the substance.
  • A pattern of escalating use, e. g. using the substance in increasing amounts or for increasingly long periods of time.
    This may be due in part to tolerance, a phenomenon where an addict needs increasing amounts of the substance to
    achieve the same psychological effect they once would experience from a lower dose.

Unfortunately, addiction can be a progressive disease, which means that, if it is left untreated, it may very well get worse. Someone who continues in their addiction may cause irrevocable damage to their career, relationships, psyche, and health if they continue abusing drugs, or, in the worst-case scenario, may rob themselves of the chance to ever get better if they lose their lives to an overdose, an intoxication-related accident, or even to suicide if they begin to despair of ever being able to change.

But such dark possibilities need not come about, and if you’ve even made it to this page and stuck it out to get this far in, you’re probably already on the right track. No matter how much someone is struggling, there is hope out there, and the majority of addicts eventually do recover and go on to lead full, productive lives.

At Reco, we want nothing more than to help our clients to realize this goal in their recoveries, and our comprehensive treatment program is dedicated to creating an environment that will enable and encourage that transformation. Out of the ashes of an addiction, the foundation for a beautiful new tomorrow can emerge.

To learn more about the stages of addiction treatment one can expect to move through during their recovery journey at Reco, or, in some cases, before they are ready to undertake Reco’s intensive outpatient program, check out our helpful breakdown below.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Whether you or a loved one are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to remember that substance abuse is a severe mental and physical health problem that necessitates specialized therapies, usually provided in recovery centers, to help get you back on track. Time in drug rehab treatment centers can be a private and convenient solution to this life-threatening health problem. Our substance abuse treatment options will provide addiction treatment by offering specialized therapies suited to you and your individual treatment needs.
These treatment options range from the medical detox you will need to safely endure your withdrawal symptoms to behavioral therapy and other aspects of a holistic, individualized treatment plan that will give you the recovery resources you need to be able to conquer substance abuse for good.

Treatment Options

Medical Detox In Delray Beach, FL

Though they are only the first step, medical detox services are a necessary part of the initial treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Depending on the specific drugs involved in your substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms could lead to a medical emergency without the presence of addiction specialists who are trained for rendering medical advice and treatment. Since alcohol addiction comes with one of the most physically dangerous withdrawal processes, finding an alcohol treatment center or alcohol rehab program overseen by skilled medical professionals is especially important in the case of alcohol abuse.

The drug detox phase of treatment has the sole focus of seeing you safely through the effects of your chemical dependency, and detox services typically only last for 5-7 days of treatment. Though we do not offer this part of addiction treatment at our treatment center, we will be able to direct your to one of our trusted Delray Beach, FL health care provider partners for drug addiction detox services.

Inpatient Treatment In Delray Beach, FL

After completing the early stages of your addiction treatment and undergoing drug detox in Delray Beach, some patients choose to continue their substance abuse treatment in residential inpatient treatment centers. These inpatient rehab programs typically last around 28 days and offer around the clock professional care, requiring you to spend one hundred percent of your time within the treatment center, living on their grounds and spending almost all of your time in activities related to your drug rehab program.

Like medical detox, this is not one of the services we offer at our treatment center, but we are happy rendering medical advice in regards to the best treatment centers for each and every stage of your drug rehab process by putting you in touch with a trusted Delray Beach treatment provider partner who can ensure high quality care.

Intensive Outpatient Program In Delray Beach, FL

In an intensive outpatient program, patients typically live off-site and do not spend all of their time in their treatment centers. While they still spend a significant portion of their time in group therapy, behavioral therapy, and on other aspects of our treatment programs, they can also attend to an outside job or family obligations even while receiving addiction treatment in recovery centers, which makes this option well suited for some Delray Beach patients who do not live flexible lifestyles.

Our Delray Beach recovery centers also offer virtually-based teletherapy options that provide the same high-quality care with even more flexibility. In this kind of drug rehab program, patients can begin to readjust to living in the real world while continuing their growth in recovery while still under our watchful eye and professional care.

Our representatives work solely to provide you with the best possible experience at our treatment centers. Along with individual sessions with a treatment provider, patients will engage in restorative activities like yoga, horseback riding, and adventure therapy designed to foster their holistic wellness as well as more conventional group therapy inspired by the twelve-step treatment programs most often associated with Alcoholics Anonymous. As a treatment provider, Reco Intensive embodies all of the best that American addiction centers have to offer.

Mission And Philosophy—Why Reco Intensive?

So, now that you’ve gotten down the basics of why treatment for addiction is so important and what you or your loved one should expect if they enter addiction treatment, you may be wondering why you should choose Reco Intensive over other similar drug rehabilitation programs. In this section, you will find a bit of background about our program and our philosophy and will get to take a closer look at everything that we bring to the table.

Reco Intensive was founded by David Niknafs, whose personal experience with addiction and in various treatment programs inspired him to take a more progressive approach and to bridge a gap he perceived in existing early recovery programs. His priority in developing Reco’s approach was to create a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic environment in which clients will have the best opportunity possible to heal from the emotional, physical, and spiritual hell of their addictions.

Reco’s unique approach thus combines proven, scientifically based forms of therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), and twelve-step based models of therapy with less traditional and more holistic activities designed to take clients out of their comfort zones and contribute to their spiritual evolution. For instance, activities like equine facilitated psychotherapy and experiential adventure therapy enhance and reinforce the lessons learned in the traditional therapeutic forum.

While clients are learning mindfulness techniques and how to tolerate pain and distress in dialectical behavioral therapy, they are also learning the same lesson physically through breathwork, meditation, and purposeful motion in weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions. As clients learn to collaborate and commune in group therapy, they also get the chance to exercise their cooperation skills as they work as a team in community recreation activities, solve escape rooms, or complete a rope course.

Reco also takes into consideration each client’s individual needs, experiences, and values with a comprehensive bio-psycho-social approach, and can cater treatment to clients specifically based on any unique identity categories that they may occupy, including but not limited to individuals who identify as LGBT, older adults, first responders, and veterans.

We aim to heal the body as well as the mind with wellness screenings and nutrition counseling and can address any comorbid mental health conditions through focused therapy and medication management. Family therapy, gender group, and trauma of addiction programs offer additional opportunities for clients to work through and process painful experiences and dynamics that may fuel their addictions.

At Reco, we aim to restore light and color to the lives of our clients by teaching them that recovery can be fun and exciting, instilling in them a sense of sobriety’s limitless possibilities for enjoyment, personal growth, and even transcendence. For instance, creative arts therapy provides an opportunity to express and release emotion in a healing and transformative way, while natural healing walks or visits to the Morikami museum’s scenic Japanese gardens offer a chance to commune and reconnect with nature.

Other adventure therapy excursions that may be made available to clients during their time at Reco are metaphorically rich experiences designed to facilitate self-reflection. Clients may visit an animal rescue to learn to have more compassion for themselves by comparing their stories to those of animals who themselves suffered abuse and trauma or reflect on the art of choice and problem solving as they move through a labyrinth.

Clients explore the importance of existence and their individual philosophies in rational existential therapy and are encouraged to participate in volunteer programs including those offered by Habitat for Humanity, local soup kitchens, and environmental cleanup committees. We also help clients develop strategies to prevent relapse and prepare them for the temptation that they will face in the real world in a program called Behind the Barracks and to learn to see themselves as the hero rather than a victim of their life's story in A Hero's Journey.
All of these activities and programming will help clients to integrate the experience of their addiction into their self-conception and ultimately to move beyond it and towards a greater purpose with confidence. These programs are executed by a professional staff who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields, and who share a genuine passion for helping guide individuals in recovery towards their full potential.

To learn more, you can also check out our testimonials page for some first-hand accounts of how Reco Intensive's approach has helped our clients. One mother describes:

“My daughter attended RECO for two months last year. She had been in two other rehab facilities prior to RECO. Ever hopeful, I also realized how possible it was that she might not recover. I was afraid she was just going through the motions. RECO made a BIG difference in her life! She didn’t believe ‘rehabs’ really cared. They changed that. They didn’t give up on her and even kept me informed which I greatly appreciated. They went above and beyond their ‘job’ to reach out and help my daughter. Over the top. I am so grateful.”— Margaret

Or, in one client’s own words:

“Great place with an excellent staff. I was honored to have been a part of the RECO team for almost two years and have nothing but great things to say about every person I encountered. As a client, I was treated like a person with a name, not a dollar sign. I felt important and they helped me ultimately get and stay clean for years.”— Andrew L.
To further enhance their experience by living amongst their peers as well as to reduce any temptation to use substances that they may face during their recovery, clients may also choose to reside at the Reco Institute, our associated sober living residences, during their time in our treatment program.

Sober Living In Delray Beach, FL

Like many American addiction centers, while we do not provide residential inpatient treatment at our addiction treatment center itself, we do offer housing associated with our intensive outpatient program at our Reco Institute residences. This option can offer a private and convenient solution to the problem of finding a place to live if you have come to Delray Beach, Florida from out of town to seek treatment for substance abuse.

It will also help enhance your recovery by immersing you in our empathetic and therapeutic environment and the Delray Beach, Florida sober community. Our Delray Beach, FL sober living residences aim to create a sense of camaraderie and collaboration while also offering additional accountability by requiring you to adhere to a set of strict guidelines that will help you stay safe while in drug rehab at one of our Delray Beach treatment centers.

For instance, you will undergo regular drug and alcohol testing as our supportive representatives work solely to keep you on track, and will be required to check in to your residence nightly at a mandatory curfew time. You will also be strongly encouraged to find a twelve-step sponsor and will have to submit verification of daily attendance at an Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Being responsible for keeping your own and common living spaces orderly and encouraged to seek employment, enroll in school, or volunteer in the community, once you have reached the appropriate point in your recovery, will also help you readjust to a sober life and develop sustainable healthy habits. All of these policies and more are put in place with the utmost compassion to give you the solid structure you need to thrive in your recovery.

Aftercare And Alumni Recovery Resources In Delray Beach, FL

As important as seeking addiction treatment is to conquering drug and alcohol addiction, it is also only the first step towards a sober life. This is why the alumni focused aspect of our treatment practices are so important to us. By helping you find a lifelong sober community among your peers, we will be avoiding many of the adverse consequences alleged when patients are returned to the real world without having a supportive environment of peers and professionals they can count on to bolster their recovery and ensure relapse prevention.

As terrifying as stepping out into the unknown and away from the safe sanctum of treatment can be, Reco will do our very best to prepare you to embark with confidence into your post treatment life and illuminate your pathway to success. For example, we will prepare you to reenter the job market after your recovery with Reco Professional, a specialized aftercare program that can offer you career guidance, assistance with job placement, and other related services.

You will also be assigned an alumni buddy who can help you through the process of recovery and be encouraged to attend weekly Alumni Nights. At these meetings, past participants of the program can mingle with current and prospective clients and can share their experiences in recovery as featured speakers or in an open forum. While addiction thrives on isolation, the human connection that our alumni program fosters will serve as a cornerstone of your success in recovery.

Why Delray Beach Florida?

When American addiction centers can be found in almost any major city in the country, you may be wondering why you should choose Delray Beach, Florida over similar addiction treatment programs found in other parts of the United States. But along with everything else that Reco Intensive has to recommend it, its location also comes with a few unique perks.

Delray Beach, FL is a small beachside city located in Palm Beach County, only around twenty minutes south of bustling West Palm Beach. Both Delray Beach, Florida and South Florida as a whole are known for having a large and active recovery community. This supportive environment is perfect for someone restarting their life after drug or alcohol addiction and is ripe with recovery resources to help them to find their way.

If you are not from the Delray Beach, FL area, traveling out of state for your drug rehab program also provides a convenient solution to some of the temptations to re-engage in drug abuse you might face if you tried outpatient treatment closer to home. By disconnecting you from many of the physical triggers that you associate with drug abuse, a new environment will help facilitate the fresh start that you need.

Delray Beach, FL is also a cultural hub that offers up a lively selection of art galleries, music and performance art venues. It also offers many affordable public transportation options like the Palm Tran bus system that serves much of Palm Beach. There’s also the Tri-rail train line, which you can take from Delray Beach, Florida to Palm Beach cities as far south as Miami and and as far north as West Palm Beach.

The uniquely therapeutic environment of Delray Beach, Florida also extends to its physical location. The beautiful beaches and healing ocean vibes of Delray Beach are both relaxing and stimulating, which makes them the ideal place to exercise, decompress, and reflect as you adapt to a new life free of drug and alcohol addiction.

Seeking Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach, FL

To get in touch with our Delray Beach team of experienced medical professionals and learn more about how our addiction treatment center can help you find freedom from drug and alcohol addiction, call Reco Intensive today at 844.955.3042 to get connected with a treatment provider. Our recovery centers offer a private and convenient solution to all of your drug rehab needs and can provide you with a treatment plan that can address any co-occurring disorders or mental health problems that may be holding you back from treatment.

Our Delray Beach, Florida treatment center is one of the top American addiction centers and is always on the cutting edge of new treatment practices. Our treatment provider representatives work solely to bring you the best treatment options possible and are here to help your fulfillment begin. Though the road to recovery may still be rough even under the best possible circumstances, it will always be worth the struggle, and there is no reason that you need to keep struggling alone. Whatever your individual treatment needs, Reco Intensive is here to do all that we can to help light your way towards a brighter future.