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What To Expect At An Addiction Treatment Center

Drug and alcohol addiction, conditions that are referred to medically as substance use disorders, are some of the most serious and potentially deadly mental health disorders around. And, since drug and alcohol addiction tend to get worse with time, stopping substance use disorders in their tracks by promptly enrolling anyone who is struggling with them in appropriate drug or alcohol rehab programs can be of the utmost importance.

Typically, addiction treatment begins with a detox program in a specialized drug or alcohol treatment center. After detox, a patient’s treatment program will typically continue with either a residential program or an appropriate intensive outpatient program.

In these treatment programs, the focus will be on restoring the patient to optimal mental health and teaching them healthier coping strategies that they can use instead of resorting to their substance abuse problem. For instance, specialized therapies that have been proven beneficial, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical therapy, are offered at most rehab centers.

Behavioral health measures like these will also help treat any co occurring disorders that may have precipitated an individual’s drug abuse, like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. This behavioral therapy works by helping patients to reframe their automatic negative thoughts and develop a more confident self image, which in turn will help them to overcome their drug abuse.

This treatment can also teach patients healthier communication skills, increased mindfulness, and can improve their distress tolerance and emotional regulation skills. Most drug addiction treatment centers also provide some form of group therapy.

This programming may be inspired by the method pioneered by twelve step based treatment programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, or may bring together patients suffering from similar mental health disorders or who come from similar demographic groups, such as young adults, older adults, veterans, or LGBT identifying individuals. It gives patients at our Boynton Beach treatment center a valuable chance to connect with one another as they work through past painful experiences.

Our Boynton Beach, FL treatment center also incorporates a variety of holistic therapies into our treatment program. Taking advantage of the sunny Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach weather, we incorporate outdoor activities like competitive recreation, adventure therapy excursions to scenic destinations like Morikami Japanese Gardens, nature healing walks, and community labyrinths into our treatment program.

Another form of adventure therapy sometimes offered at our Boynton Beach treatment center is an excursion to a West Palm Beach animal rescue. This experience aims to teach our clients to have more self compassion by encouraging them to see themselves as they see the animals, who often have been through traumatic experiences similar to their own.

Our Boynton Beach, FL rehab center also aims to increase our patients’ holistic well being with treatment options like yin and vinyasa yoga, nutritional education, creative and expressive arts therapy, professional support and career development, equine facilitated psychotherapy, and education on relapse prevention.

Understanding Medication Assisted Treatment

One of the newer advances in drug or alcohol addiction treatment is the increased prominence of medication assisted treatment. Because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms associated with certain forms of substance abuse, some patients find that they are more able to focus on their mental health and spiritual growth while in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers if they are more able to suppress their cravings with the use of appropriate pharmaceutical treatment.

Some mental health conditions that may have precipitated or worsened substance use disorders may also require pharmaceutical medical attention to facilitate the patient’s healing process. Medication assisted treatment may be a temporary measure to deal with the acute ups and downs of early recovery from drug addiction, or it may be part of a patient’s long term recovery from substance abuse.

Why Boynton Beach, Florida?

A small town located in Palm Beach County only a few miles south of West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, FL is a surprisingly convenient solution for those seeking the best rehab center for themselves or a loved one.

South Florida and the palm beaches are known for their vibrant recovery community as well as for their bright and sunny weather, and the oceanside West Palm Beach air is among the best holistic therapies imaginable for a recovering addict seeking to rebuild their life. For many young adults searching for a new start after overcoming substance abuse, rehab in Boynton Beach, FL becomes a gateway to a longer term stay in the Palm Beaches and to increased well-being overall.

Best Treatment Centers in Boynton Beach, FL

Reco Intensive is a reputable drug abuse treatment center located in Palm Beach County, only a short distance north of Boynton Beach, FL and a similar stone’s throw north of West Palm Beach, in Delray Beach, Florida.

Our addiction treatment center is one of the best in the entire South Florida area. We are accredited by reputable organizations like the Joint Commission International and the National Institute of health, and our staff members work with amazing dedication to provide everyone in our drug and alcohol rehab centers in Boynton Beach, FL the best care humanly possible.

Our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs provide patients with a well-rounded treatment plan, as well as ongoing support for patients’ mental health needs through our alumni program. Our Boynton Beach, FL treatment center also offers specialized treatment options like crisis intervention services, medication assisted treatment, and cutting edge behavioral health options like neuro-integration and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy.

We also offer community housing in the form of our sober living residences that extend the therapeutic environment of our treatment center into our patients’ living environments, which could provide the perfect opportunity for out of towners to make Boynton Beach, FL their temporary home.

To learn more about rehab in Boynton Beach, FL, our behavioral health programming, or any other aspect of our outpatient treatment programs, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 to speak to a treatment specialist about whether our treatment facility is right for you. There’s no time like the present to get back on the road to improved mental health and to a brighter future.

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