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Which program an individual chooses depends on the nature of their addiction. People with less severe substance abuse problems, or those who have been sober for a while, should be able to get along with traditional outpatient care. Those who suffer from more severe addictions may need to spend time in an inpatient facility. Between those two extremes stands intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for drug addiction.

More thorough than traditional outpatient programs, but less immersive than inpatient programs, IOPs are perfect for people with moderate addictions or those who need both intensive care and flexibility. Others choose to participate in an IOP after completing an inpatient treatment program. In that way, it can act as a sort of steppingstone toward independence and full rehabilitation.


Inpatient treatment centers are critical for many recovering addicts, but they can place a heavy burden on residents. On the other hand, an IOP for drug addiction recovery allows the individual to maintain a normal schedule so they can support themselves and take care of their families. Whether a recovering addict chooses outpatient treatment in addition to or in lieu of inpatient treatment, they can find more flexibility in a program that revolves around evening meetings instead of round-the-clock care.


As the name suggests, IOPs are more intense than normal outpatient programs. They’re based on the principle that recovery takes time—more time than most people assume. Indeed, research consistently shows that the longer the treatment period, the better the outcome. Hence, the need for intensive outpatient programs that only last anywhere between four to twelve weeks. Finally, an IOP can also extend the treatment period for those who have left an inpatient facility but who still need additional help.


Most intensive outpatient treatment programs offer more structure than conventional outpatient programs. Not only do they last longer; they also require more meetings each week, at least during the first stages of recovery. As a result, they tend to be more effective, particularly for those who need a higher level of care than most outpatient treatment options can provide.


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