Addiction Treatment in Boca Raton

Addiction Treatment in Boca Raton

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Boca Raton, FL Residents

RECO Intensive offers world-class intensive outpatient treatment in Southern Florida. Our outpatient drug rehab facilities are located in beautiful Delray Beach, just a short drive for Boca Raton residents.

A leader in South Florida addiction treatment, RECO Intensive has a robust team of highly trained primary therapists, medical doctors, behavioral health technicians, and case managers who work together to provide individualized instruction and treatment.

What Sets RECO Intensive Apart

We provide a welcoming, compassionate, and structured environment where clients can uncover the root causes of their addiction, work through their issues, and envision a brighter future.


Designed for those who have recently completed detox and/or inpatient treatment, our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is the next crucial step in addiction recovery. The post-treatment period is often a fragile time for those in recovery—the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformations that occur with sobriety can feel overwhelming. The skilled team at RECO Intensive understands how difficult the journey can be and is here to provide structure and support to our clients every step of the way.

RECO Intensive’s outpatient program requires a commitment of several hours a day, 4-5 days per week, during which clients will participate in individual and group counseling, family therapy (where applicable), chemical dependency education, relapse prevention training, and 12-step introduction.

Our outpatient rehab program provides the ideal balance of freedom and structure for those in recovery. Clients live off-site or in a sober living residence and are free to work and go to school, as long as they remain committed and fully engaged in their program and abide by RECO’s guidelines.


RECO Intensive treats both alcohol and drug addiction. Our innovative outpatient addiction treatment programs are highly integrative, experiential, and personalized to meet the unique needs of each client.

One-size-fits-all approaches to treatment often fail to address a person’s core needs or provide them with the tools they need to recover and realize their full potential. The expert team at RECO Intensive understands that each client is unique, with his or her own story and history.

Our focus is on uncovering the distinct combination of therapies that are most effective for each client and empowering clients with the tools they need to move forward in their recovery.


In the feedback, we receive from interviews, surveys, and reviews, we consistently hear our clients use words and phrases like “caring,” “kind,” and “like family” to describe RECO staff members. We care about the happiness and wellbeing of our clients and strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment where clients feel safe to express themselves and explore their feelings.

Therapeutic Approaches

RECO Intensive uses therapy modalities proven to help clients identify and understand their behavioral patterns, habits, and triggers, and to develop better coping mechanisms. These include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

    A commonly used and effective form of therapy for those in addiction recovery, CBT helps clients learn how to identify current habits, analyze triggers, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT):

    Focusing on four key principles—mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation—DBT helps clients become more aware of their reactions to feelings and stressors, identify and tolerate pain, and strengthen relationships.

  • Rational Existential Therapy (RET):

    This approach teaches clients that they have the capacity for self-awareness and the ability to make rational choices. Existential therapy emphasizes that while anxiety, frustration, and anger are all part of the human condition, these feelings do not have to dictate our choices. RET provides valuable insight into creating healthy boundaries and goals.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy:

    EMDR aims help clients process negative emotions associated with traumatic events and learn ways to let go of those feelings through desensitization techniques. EMDR helps clients replace negative thoughts and feelings that are no longer useful with positive ones that encourage healthier behavior.

These are just some of the therapy modalities the expert team utilizes at RECO Intensive. Learn more about our programs.

Group Programs

Group support is often an essential part of addiction recovery—it’s in large part why the 12-step program has historically been one of the most effective programs for helping people maintain their sobriety. Connecting with others, sharing stories, and receiving support and encouragement often helps people feel less alone in their journey, while being of service to others in a similar capacity can be incredibly rewarding.

group of people putting hands together

RECO Intensive offers a range of group programs that bring peers together in a collaborative, interactive, supportive environment.

Additionally, we offer therapeutic excursions tailored to each client’s needs and interests. Clients can give back and help others through community service projects, learn mindfulness techniques on healing nature walks, develop team-building skills in escape room experiences, form meaningful connections with equines at RECO Ranch, and more.

12-Step: An Integral Part of Recovery

The 12-step program was originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) more than 75 years ago. Since then, it has helped innumerable people gain insight into their addiction and find group support to stay sober. The program centers around group meetings, during which participants can share their stories, thoughts, and feelings.

The central tenets of the 12-step program include abstinence, personal accountability, honesty, awareness, and connection to a higher power. The steps are meant to be completed sequentially, and they include taking a personal moral inventory, making amends, and praying/meditating.

Studies have shown that greater involvement in 12-step meetings predicts better sobriety outcomes over time. While 12-step is historically one of the most effective programs for helping people stay sober, success depends on an individual’s commitment to his or her own recovery.

RECO Institute utilizes the 12-step principles in our programs, and we strongly encourage clients to attend 12-step meetings every day during their first 90 days of recovery. We believe that 12-step meetings are an essential part of recovery and sobriety maintenance.

RECO Institute’s Recovery Residences: Luxury Sober Living

Many of our clients find the supportive, structured environment of sober living homes an essential part of the transition from addiction treatment to “normal” life.

In conjunction with our outpatient program, RECO Intensive, we offer gender-specific residential housing facilities that are thoughtfully designed down to the last detail. Our sober living residences provide a comfortable, safe, and inspiring environment in which clients can move forward in their recovery.

RECO’s fully furnished single-family homes, located in residential South Florida communities, include:

  • 24-hour on-site supervision
  • 24-hour client care and support
  • Full access to medical care, licensed therapists, and case managers
  • Transportation provided to aftercare, therapy appointments, grocery shopping, and sponsored functions
  • Professional nutritional evaluations and planning
  • Access to money management resources

House amenities include:

  • Semi-private bedrooms
  • Brand new bed and bath linens for each client
  • Chef-inspired kitchens equipped with all essential appliances and utensils
  • Entertainment features, including large flat-screen TVs and satellite cable
  • Wi-Fi and desktop computer and workstations
  • On-site washers and dryers

View of den with couch and tv at The Siebold sober living house

RECO Residences

The Hart

The Parker

The Siebold

The Tapper

The Van Epps

Our residential programs are delivered by our experienced, empathic team and are carefully designed to promote healing. Learn more about RECO Residences, and contact us to speak with an admissions specialist today.

What Our Clients Say About RECO Intensive

RECO Intensive receives consistently high ratings and praise from our clients, which we believe is a testament to the compassionate, quality care we provide. Here’s what some of our former clients have said on Google about their experience with RECO Intensive:

“RECO not only saved my life, but completely changed my life. The staff at RECO cares deeply about the clients and will bend over backwards for everyone. At RECO you are not just another number, you are family. I loved my stay at RECO and appreciate everything they’ve done for me.” –Katelynne P.

“Such a wonderful program. Every time I visit I get a sense of peace and serenity. This is truly a life-altering place. Thank you to the staff and owner for your dedication to helping those in need.”
–Peter B.

“RECO is an amazing place that has given me the tools to not only be clean, but live a sober life. From day one I was welcomed with nothing but love and acceptance. The RECO staff is very genuine and cares about helping people get to a place of long-term sobriety. I am now an alumni and consider RECO my family.”
–Patrick R.

A Brighter Path Forward

woman smiling with sun behind herThe dynamic team of empathic, skilled experts at RECO Intensive welcomes those looking for treatment alternatives in Boca Raton, FL. Our intensive outpatient program is carefully designed to promote healing and wellness and help clients forge a new path forward. Get in touch with an admissions specialist today at 561.808.7986 to learn more, or use our contact form to send us a message.

Healing begins at RECO Intensive.

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